Monica Oakes, Principal of Kynoch Elementary School
Phone 741-6141 Ext. 5504

Welcome to Kynoch,
   Kynoch is a wonderful school.  I have had the privilege of being on staff at Kynoch for 27 Years.  Prior to the 27 years,  my eldest daughter attended Kynoch for 6 years.  I was a parent, a PTO officer and a Site Council Member before I was employed at Kynoch. It has been my pleasure to watch my children grow up attending Kynoch and now to watch and help all of your children to grow and learn and to be the best that they can be.
   I was a teacher for 17 years, teaching 3rd-5th.  During that time I had the opportunity to be a Math Coach and Assistant Principal.  The greatest joy and connection I share with all of you is I live in East Marysville.  My children grew up here much like your children are growing up here now.
   Please feel free to drop in and say "Hello".  I love to give tours of the school and share our latest achievements and projects.  It would be great if you have any time that you could donate to help our classrooms, PTO Group, and Site Council.  A school is only as strong as it's parents.  We need you as our partners.
    My hope is that you will love your experience at Kynoch as much as I do.
                                                                          Monica Oakes, Principal