School History

Kynoch Elementary School



  We are dedicated to helping all students achieve academic success and demonstrate respect for themselves, others and the environment.  



Kynoch Elementary School


 ·   We believe that school should teach to the whole child with high expectations.

·   We believe that a good school is one that values students as people, teaches a passion for learning, and provides quality education.

·   We believe that a successful student is able to develop into a successful citizen, learn according to his/her ability, and take responsibility for him/herself.

·   We believe that an effective classroom is one in which there is a safe, supportive, and caring environment that promotes self-directed, reflective learning and positive relationships.

·   We believe that a good school/office staff member is one who provides a good first impression to anyone who walks onto campus and is approachable, kind, caring, and respectful.

·   We believe that an effective school faculty is one that works together for the benefit of children.

·   We believe that a quality instructional program includes a core curriculum as a vehicle to mastering the standards by teaching to different learning styles and interests.